Harper’s Works

A sweet, sexy omegaverse parody that challenges our ridiculous heat novel notions of love.

Beta Cadet Cassandra Givens has trained her whole life to be an omega guard. Beating up alpha bullies was her specialty until her best friend and former punching bag, Brandon Kensington, asks her to guard his new fiance.

Peter Grable is an omega triple threat – gorgeous, charming, and intelligent. Unfortunately his history of alpha trauma means getting close to him will be difficult for the adorably awkward Brandon. When Cassie steps up to try and bridge the gap between them she’s pulled in deeper than she expected.

Cassie’s just a beta. She knows alphas and omegas belong together, both on and off the pages of her heat novels. The most she can do is buffer the intense mating instincts that drive her friends while they slowly build trust in their relationship.

But as things get heated, can Cassie resist the seductive pull of Peter’s advances? Or maintain her “just friends” position with Brandon? What hope does a beta have stuck between an alpha and an omega heading for the altar?

*This is a lighthearted, non-shifter F/M/M omegaverse parody with references to mpreg, heats/heat spikes (relieved only by request), friendly pegging without heavy BDSM (ok maybe some ropes) and brief references to past sexual assault but no in depth descriptions of such. Also baths, because baths are sexy.

BONUS: Includes post-story discussion questions to inspire open conversations about heat novels and love.

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