Crash Dummy

was a tree
just a bump nothing big

was a dumpster 
just a scratch not to worry 

was a t-bone 
as that car crossed the highway into the side
that I sat in as my head hit windshield 
just some whiplash, a bump, and nose blood 

was a fender kiss
just a dent nothing major 

another t-bone 
tipping the old van over to its side
as I crawled out the busted windshield 
just some bumps and cuts, alright 

got rear ended
spilled some coffee, nothing burned 

burst a tire 
running over a concrete berm 

Who knows how bad the next will be 
or if I’ll walk away next time like I have before 
which is why every time I leave the house

I kiss you goodbye 

just in case 

it really is 


The Iron & Me

When the weight within my bones

Becomes more than it should be

I wrap my ears in ’phones

’Till there’s only the iron and me

When the rage within my veins

Wrecks my inner harmony

Each bar provides the reins

And we ride, the iron and me

It pushes against my core

Ignoring past or pedigree

There are no goals to score

Only us, the iron and me 

Each lift breaks me down

Each pull tugs patiently

As my spirit begins to drown

In sweat, the iron, and me

I pour my heart into each press

My breath in each “two...three...”

As I lift more I carry less

All I need is the iron and me

When I finish my last rep

Leave the bench for reality

There’s a purpose in my step

For I have forged the iron in me 

Poetically Pathetic

Stop making me write poems. 

I mean it

Pretty please

I’ve written so many already I’m down here on my knees. 

Stop making me write poems. 

I hate them

I really do 

Yet whenever you’re around all these words spill out for you.

Stop making me write poems. 

Act rudely 

Be a jerk 

I’m wasting all my hours trying to make this rhyme scheme work.

Stop making me write poems. 

You won’t read

Or ever see

My feelings look so lame in print the only one who’ll see is me.

Stop making me write poems. 

It’s a waste

Since anyway

You already know I love you and I’ve got nothing left to say.

The Soulforge

Every wordsmith needs a forge

A fire

burning bright

It glows within so brightly not many can hold its might 

The tools and words may matter

but mostly it’s INTENT

Otherwise you lose focus and your weapon may turn bent

Which is why I feel so sadly 

for souls whose shards were scattered

because my beautiful broken people 

you truly fucking mattered.

Don’t Ever Change

You drive me insane.

You can be so- 
and needy.

So no wonder I love you.
Because you are-

and adoring.

Don’t ever change.

Min / Maxing

When I rush in 
You hold me back 

When I get lazy 
You offer no slack 

When I say yes
You argue no

When I pull away 
You won’t let go 

When I want to quit
You refuse to give in 

When I see defeat
You see “learning to win” 

When I start to flicker
You bring out my fire

When I shut up 
You drag out my ire

When I need distance
You horde me alone

When I ramble on
You cut short my drone

When I sought a mate
You sought a soul 

How we fell together 
I will never know


You wrapped yourself up in

Nice clothes 
Hair product 
Contact lenses 

Good manners
Herbal tea
Perfect posture

Soft speech 
Rapt attention 
Quiet attitude 

Then the next day you woke up 

Threw on glasses 
Brushed out bangs
Needily hugged me 



Yet you wonder why it took me so long to realize 

How truly adorable 

You are 


And finally it’s stopped -
The beat
The pulse
The hum
No matter how hard you bleed you know you will succumb

To the finality of death -
Of love
Of hope
Of dreams
You stitch it back together but all you get are empty seams

Even without the will - 
You count
You breathe
You press
There’s no DNR on file so they’ll pump you nonetheless

Until regardless of feelings - 
It stalls
It beeps
It starts
No matter how much damage there’s no replacing broken hearts


One beats and bleeds
And cries at night
It burns with passion
And yearns to fight

The other steadies
And bides its time
Unfeeling maybe
But never unkind

As one side contracts
And gushes blood
Its lifeforce spent
In waves of love

The other reigns in
Logic and air
Sustaining the beat
With rhythm and care

Both sides make up
One chambered whole
For one gives purpose
And the other soul

In times of peace
It’s fine to dream
To allow one’s heart
To yearn or scheme

But when crisis hits
You put it away
Switch off the flow
Let reason hold sway

For without both sides
One could never last
Either stoic as stone
Or burnt out too fast 

Challah Back Girl

I see you.
Oh, you tie me up in knots.
Your egg-yolk yellow braids beckon me.
so sweet
Your round, soft edges comfort me
The feeling of you in my hands
In my mouth
I would ravish you
Consume you in one night
In one sitting
Leaving not one crumb of you untouched
You don’t understand how much I desire you
How you make my mouth water
And my stomach growl
I long to rip you out of your covering
And just dig into you
Sinking my teeth into your tenderness
Until you fill my mouth
My tongue aches
I want you so badly
You don’t understand
The pain I feel
The hunger
As I turn my head away
And walk firmly past you
Pretending not to notice you beckoning
For my doctor has told me
I must not eat carbs
And I cannot cheat
With you
just yet