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So easy just to give in and feel power unabated unchecked unfettered flowing through veins like fuel in an engine a heart on fire with no fucks doubts checks just total certainty unbound by the chains of day-to-day life a wolf in sheep’s clothing stalking grinning biting howling as the herd parts like waves before … Continue reading Dominant

Kick Your Shins

You suck. You’re argumentative. Fully negative. Selfishly attentive. A short fuse chasing a spark. You drive me nuts. Like metaphorically. Probably actually. Maybe literally. Draining every sane light with your dark. You got history. Lots of neglect. Not much respect. Already wrecked. Yet you never give up the fight. Except for the social. Honesty brutal. … Continue reading Kick Your Shins

On Your Bones

Those hips though really slope so smooth hugging planes outlining grooves Where lips or fingers beg to touch I won’t press hard or linger much Those hips though really hold up fine over the bed underneath mine Where bodies join align as one Much like our love – not easy, fun

2 AM

It’s 2 AM And I know I should send you home …but you live three hours away in the mountains with snow what if you crashed? and this became our first and only date I can’t risk it Nope Not now so… It’s 2 AM And I know You shouldn’t stay …but I’ve got a … Continue reading 2 AM

Oh Well

Dear Love, Please send me: a cat lover short is good some nice padding tanned or darker patience is a virtue as is cooking, too my mom’s kinda overbearing so hopefully they get along and ooh – curly hair is cute a reader is a must someone who likes to listen and puts up with … Continue reading Oh Well

Princes & Towers

Toni had an “i” not a “y” but was still one of the guys. She’d grown up around the motorheads, raised by a kindly old retired biker who had settled down but never truly settled. He taught Toni everything she knew – how to ride, how to change oil, how to rebuild an old single … Continue reading Princes & Towers

Work Horse

Love is work And I’m a hard worker Always have been, baby. There are others Who’re smarter or faster Who look better than me But I pull I do the heavy lifting And I won’t buck you off You can lead With all those dreams The ones I never bothered with You can nag It’s … Continue reading Work Horse

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OK That’s it – where the #%!% is the “Like” button?? I’ve been trying to dutifully reciprocate the Likes I’ve gotten for the kind folks reading my posts but everytime I go to hit a Like button 1) I can’t find it 2) it doesn’t seem to work For reference I use a desktop computer … Continue reading commercial break


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