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Second Book Out Now!

Alright! Two down, one to go! When I wrote this silly smut trilogy I wasn’t expecting to do anything with it, honestly – but then I thought what the heck, let’s just check this off the bucket list. There is a full on sea of smut online, half of which is likely crap, and if … Continue reading Second Book Out Now!

Symptoms & Side Effects

may include: – Dizziness – Mild to severe irritation – Occasional heart pain – Elevated blood pressure – Erections (if over 4 hours seek medical attention – if over 2 hours well done) – Sleeplessness – Rash or impulsive behavior – Increased sensitivity – Loss or increase of appetite – Emotional outbursts – Dry mouth … Continue reading Symptoms & Side Effects

Gamer Love

“Hey hon?” “Yes love?” “This guy just privately messaged me and he’s offering me free armor?” “Wait, really?” “Yes. Has he messaged you?” “Nope. I’m playing a male character. He must think you’re actually a girl.” “Wait – so he’s hitting on me??” “That’s not necessarily so. He may just think you’re a crap player … Continue reading Gamer Love

Punch Drunk Love

Down goes the shot and one and two Down goes the floodgate and out and up Go the words I never say to you: ″$!@# THIS!” “WHY would you do that?!” “That’s stupid!” “Ugh, so ugly…why…” “You should really ___” Sip goes the bottle the first the second Sip goes the glass the red the … Continue reading Punch Drunk Love


[possibly inspired by real events] “You need to dodge.” “I’ll be fine, it’s nearly dead.” “So are you. Dodge.” “No.” “You are deteriorating faster than I can heal you. Just dodge.” “I suck at it!” “You’re going to suck at surviving in a few seconds.” “I can kill it first!” “Why can you not use … Continue reading Tank-Headed

Coping Mechanisms

I’ve done all I can Meditation Breathing Exercise Nutrition I’ve tried, I swear Clean living Cutting back Stepping out Thinking hard I’ve got nothing No clue No ideas No hope No excuses Because it’s still beating And It won’t stop For you.

Blind Love

I love people. I hate intolerance and injustice. I love white people. I hate racism, particularly from long established standpoints of cultural privilege where it is the most harmful. I love men. I hate toxic masculinity and patriarchy norms. I love peacekeepers. I hate systemic abuses of power from positions of authority. I love civil … Continue reading Blind Love


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