End of a Ridiculous Endeavor

I am finally publishing the last of my NSFW erotic comedy series – it’s done! I can now check off “self-published dime store smut” from my life bucket list.

Honestly speaking, that’s basically the only thing I’m proud of with this series. It’s not the best series – not even my best writing, it’s cringeworthy at times – BUT I finished it and put it out there. For me this is important because typically my crippling perfectionism kills any attempts I make at trying new things. In this case though I managed it specifically BECAUSE I told myself this was worthless garbage meant to fail – and my brain bought the trick.

I can perfectly fail this!

In the spirit of owning my silliness and recognizing my true reasoning I’m adjusting all my books down to $.99/each. This means I will make a paltry $.35/each on the evil Amazon and I’m not even sure what everywhere else – but I’ve also only sold like 8 books, so meh. Not like I’m quitting my day job. This was a side quest.

Here are links to all three books in series order if anyone cares to peruse / summaries will also be available on my site here until such time I as retire it:

Alpha, Beta, Omega: The Green & The Gold


Alpha, Beta, Omega: The Gold & The Blue


Alpha, Beta, Omega: The Blue & The Green (releasing 5/5/22!)


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