Second Book Out Now!

Alright! Two down, one to go!

When I wrote this silly smut trilogy I wasn’t expecting to do anything with it, honestly – but then I thought what the heck, let’s just check this off the bucket list.

There is a full on sea of smut online, half of which is likely crap, and if I want to feel like I threw my lot in to the dumpster fire than by gods, let’s do it!

So here’s book two in the series which focuses on the uncles from the first book – and introduces a few new characters who will help us set up book three.

Note: This book does not include pegging (I know, but I wanted to give the men love a chance I mean I did make a silly omegaverse up to highlight silly tropes why not let them have a book?) but I promise the last one will. Hold out one more book with me and then this ridiculous arc of my imagination will end and I will likely shut down the ole’ Harper engine for good.

Here’s the links for the second book, which you can also find on my Harper’s Works page – kudos to anyone checking it out! (WARNING: I write hard core smut – do NOT read if you do not intend to read romantically described porn, that’s essentially what this is)

Evil Amazon Link:

Non-Amazon Support the Small Guys Link:

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