Punch Drunk Love

Down goes the shot
and one
and two
Down goes the floodgate
and out
and up
Go the words I never say to you:
″$!@# THIS!”
“WHY would you do that?!”
“That’s stupid!”
“Ugh, so ugly...why...”
“You should really ___”
Sip goes the bottle
the first
the second
Sip goes the glass
the red
the white
Flag you never hold up otherwise:
“Wha...I said that?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Hmm, let’s just cuddle.”
Round goes the world
again and
again and
Round goes our rounds
again then
again until
We slide into the other side like:
“You’re such a grouch.”
“You’re such a...wimp?”
″!@#$ you.”
And we meet in the middle
where your tipsy self
and my topsy self
make the perfect

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