Blind Love

I love people.
I hate intolerance and injustice.

I love white people.
I hate racism, particularly from long established standpoints of cultural privilege where it is the most harmful.

I love men.
I hate toxic masculinity and patriarchy norms.

I love peacekeepers.
I hate systemic abuses of power from positions of authority.

I love civil servants.
I hate political diatribe, corruption, and empty rhetoric.

I love hard workers.
I hate the notion that one’s work ethic or ability defines their worth as a human being.

I love people of faith.
I hate blind devotion to traditions that cause others harm.

I love businesses.
I hate unfair oligarchies and market practices which favor the few over their fellows.

I love the ignorant.
I hate the belligerent refusal to educate yourself.

I love the educated.
I hate self-righteous bullying over common sense and decency towards others.
I may love blindly
But I must hate with precision.
’Lest the things I hate
Turn the things I love
Into perpetrators
Rather than vessels for change

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