Crash Dummy

was a tree
just a bump nothing big

was a dumpster 
just a scratch not to worry 

was a t-bone 
as that car crossed the highway into the side
that I sat in as my head hit windshield 
just some whiplash, a bump, and nose blood 

was a fender kiss
just a dent nothing major 

another t-bone 
tipping the old van over to its side
as I crawled out the busted windshield 
just some bumps and cuts, alright 

got rear ended
spilled some coffee, nothing burned 

burst a tire 
running over a concrete berm 

Who knows how bad the next will be 
or if I’ll walk away next time like I have before 
which is why every time I leave the house

I kiss you goodbye 

just in case 

it really is 


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