I Published A Thing!

“Harper, you’re so silly – why are you excited about self publishing? Any idiot can do it these days!”

“Wait, really? Any idiot thinks their work is sufficiently strong enough to stand amongst others in a crazy world where people will rip you to shreds just for voicing a different opinion? Because in my world that still takes considerable guts.”

“…Harper, honey, I think you may have some issues. How is that therapy coming along?”


Not just any book – the hardest type of book to publish because it involves SEX!! – a smutty, heartfelt romance novel!!! Yay!!!

And if you’re the type to scoff at romance novels as pornography for women well…okay, you make a fair point there, BUT shame on you for thinking pornography has no place in our world!

Sex is healthy. Sex is love. Sex is a simple act of bonding and intimacy and many people forget that in a world where sex is splashed here and there like so much eye candy to entice the masses to watch the next big screen hit.

Hence my humble little attempt to re-think sex in a positive light – as so many other romance novelists do every single day – should not only be applauded I think but celebrated. For how difficult must it be to keep such romantic notions in such an utterly dark, depressing world?

If anyone is interested in reading some heartfelt smut here are the obligatory links to my books / if you can’t afford it (or simply don’t trust that it’s not a waste of your time or money) message me! I can send you a free epub file that should hopefully work on your reader device. Then all I would ask in return is an honest review – since these apparently do actually help little books get out there in the world.

Here’s the non evil non Amazon link: https://books2read.com/u/baZ6o8

Here’s the obligatory Amazon link (no KU though, sorry folks): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09263DLQ9

I won’t repost the book description as you can read it there. I also won’t force anybody to read something they don’t find interesting – if you don’t find something interesting enough to read then that likely means it’s not what you’re meant to read right now. Maybe you’ll find it interesting another day.

Thanks all for reading another silly Harper post! We’ll get back to poetry ~and~ free short romantic stories soon!

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