Harper Tries Twitter

*Grumbling* I have always hated social media. Then I realized that’s not actually anything new – I’m an introvert. I’ve always hated socializing, and this is just the new way of going about it.

Then I reminded myself that I forced myself to learn to socialize long ago by recognizing I do in fact need friends. Not everyone, though – just the people who love or at least respect me in return.

Right now I have a book and the lovely folks at draft2digital (shameless plug! they’re awesome!) reminded me gently that it is OK to self promote your book if you love it. If everyone hates it and it doesn’t sell, that’s fine – but there may be people who DO love it, and you just need to find those people. Rather like making friends all over again.

I guess the scary thing there is putting yourself out there – this book is my heart. My honest-to-god thoughts and feelings. What if people say what I think/feel are wrong? Because that could shatter my entire being.

Then I realized that no, it wouldn’t. I am publishing this book now – after thirty years of living – because this is the truth that I have forged throughout my life. It is the culmination of my experiences, my observations, and my lens – all of which may be impacted but are not wrong. We are all products of our world, and the important thing sometimes is making sure that each viewpoint, each experience, is valid and recognized. Because we each navigate the world differently, and sometimes maybe we can learn from each other that way.

I’m not out pushing some radical new form of feminism, or trying to tip gender roles/relations on their heads, or arguing that romance is evil (it’s not! I don’t think that way at all!) – I just wrote my own romance novel because I recognized that for me the lessons I learned about love I couldn’t find in the books I was reading. And people may argue those lessons WERE out there I was just too blind/dumb to see them in the ever growing sea of smut on Amazon.

But if that’s the case – what if other fools like me are also too blind/dumb to see? Maybe my book is necessary, because maybe it could reach those other lovesick fools and help them better navigate their worlds too.

(and maybe it’s also necessary to stop publishing crap on Amazon – hence the beauty of draft2digital shameless plug #2)

So I am trying Twitter but to use this medium of only 280 characters I’ve realized rather than shamelessly plug or poetically wax on as I do here, I need to distill my words down to the bare truth. There is actually something quite beautiful about that, really – but it is a skill I’ve not often worked on, and perhaps I honestly need to.

Here then is my fledging Twitter account – and I would encourage my fellow bloggers here if they’ve also felt apprehensive about social media to maybe think of it in terms of actual artistic media. When do you need a paintbrush? When do you need a pencil? When do you need clay? Each of us express ourselves in different ways, and each media type provides a different strength/outlet for those ways of expression. Maybe if you can’t draw, you write – and if you write, then maybe you should practice not only thoughtful, beautiful prose and poetry, but also short, clipped, 280 word truths too?

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