<sigh> Ok, so in addition to the sorting problem I mentioned in my previous post (I gave up and just went F/M/M) now I have ANOTHER issue of fit: my book is not a romantic comedy.

It has humor, yes. It is a parody, yes. It encourages self-deprecation and even includes thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of the book to talk about common romance tropes and how they might reflect our views on gender and the world.

Yet now that I read that last sentence, I guess I didn’t write romantic comedy after all? I wrote…um…humorously philosophical/self-reflective smut?

But there’s still sex in it, which apparently baffles folks because you can’t have sweet romance, pornographic scenes, humorous dialogue, AND self-deprecating self reflection of a silly genre all in one book. That’s not romance.

Right. So what did I write? I’d set myself up thinking “Yeah! I can finally admit I love romance novels and pursue my passions! Chart my course! Express myself!” I finished my book, thought I liked its message, and figured out how to self publish it. Then I started my romantic-minded blog, where I could also stow my ever-growing collection of lovesick poetry. I thought I had embraced romance, but now I see apparently I was only making fun of it and not embracing it at all.

Well, I suppose I’ll just have to self-reflect some more then. Gosh, if I had known romance were this hard I might have stuck to philosophy or something (is there sex in philosophy? I do kind of still want the sex).

Anyway – if you are reading this blog purely for the poetry fret not, you may always have it as I enjoy writing it and will continue to post it until I run out of inspiration to do so. I will not foist my silly, self-deprecating, philosophical smut upon your poor romantic souls, I promise.

Just don’t click the “Harper’s Works” button – I may have hit the nose on my book cover too much.

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