Challah Back Girl

I see you.
Oh, you tie me up in knots.
Your egg-yolk yellow braids beckon me.
so sweet
Your round, soft edges comfort me
The feeling of you in my hands
In my mouth
I would ravish you
Consume you in one night
In one sitting
Leaving not one crumb of you untouched
You don’t understand how much I desire you
How you make my mouth water
And my stomach growl
I long to rip you out of your covering
And just dig into you
Sinking my teeth into your tenderness
Until you fill my mouth
My tongue aches
I want you so badly
You don’t understand
The pain I feel
The hunger
As I turn my head away
And walk firmly past you
Pretending not to notice you beckoning
For my doctor has told me
I must not eat carbs
And I cannot cheat
With you
just yet

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