Books & Bottomless Pits

As a new author I was directed towards this website:

I honestly hadn’t heard of it before (again, not the most tech savvy girl) however it intrigued me – hordes of books on shelves? Displayed like badges of honor amongst fellow bookworms? Ooooh, that sounds delightful.

However it has honestly been so long for me since I sat down and really thought about what books I’ve read that I wasn’t sure what to do about it. As an author I realized that book reviews give one a sense of accomplishment like little love notes from fans. Yet it had been ages since I had read most of my favorite titles, and I had SO MANY – what to do?

So I sticky-noted my way through it.

Bit lazy of me, I’ll admit. But I tried. You’ll notice if you review my shelves (which I am still playing with the sorting of, sorting is very fun) I’ve jotted down a few thoughts/feelings here and there as best I can while still trying to manage the large horde of books which likely represent only a tiny fraction of things I have actually read.

Anyway – shameless plug time, if you go check out the site please do remember to leave your favorite author’s little love notes. Writing can be a lonely business with no water cooler or break room to chat with folks and hence sometimes this may be the only interaction a poor scribe ever gets.

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