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Poetically Pathetic

Stop making me write poems. I mean it Pretty please I’ve written so many already I’m down here on my knees. Stop making me write poems. I hate them I really do Yet whenever you’re around all these words spill out for you. Stop making me write poems. Act rudely Be a jerk I’m wasting … Continue reading Poetically Pathetic

The Soulforge

Every wordsmith needs a forge A fire burning bright It glows within so brightly not many can hold its might The tools and words may matter but mostly it’s INTENT Otherwise you lose focus and your weapon may turn bent Which is why I feel so sadly for souls whose shards were scattered because my … Continue reading The Soulforge

Don’t Ever Change

You drive me insane. You can be so- stubborn blunt pig-headed hot-tempered opinionated self-centered impatient aggravating inflexible and needy. So no wonder I love you. Because you are- steadfast honest loyal passionate thought-provoking confident driven persistent pragmatic and adoring. Don’t ever change.

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