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Second Book Out Now!

Alright! Two down, one to go! When I wrote this silly smut trilogy I wasn’t expecting to do anything with it, honestly – but then I thought what the heck, let’s just check this off the bucket list. There is a full on sea of smut online, half of which is likely crap, and if … Continue reading Second Book Out Now!

Symptoms & Side Effects

may include: – Dizziness – Mild to severe irritation – Occasional heart pain – Elevated blood pressure – Erections (if over 4 hours seek medical attention – if over 2 hours well done) – Sleeplessness – Rash or impulsive behavior – Increased sensitivity – Loss or increase of appetite – Emotional outbursts – Dry mouth … Continue reading Symptoms & Side Effects

Gamer Love

“Hey hon?” “Yes love?” “This guy just privately messaged me and he’s offering me free armor?” “Wait, really?” “Yes. Has he messaged you?” “Nope. I’m playing a male character. He must think you’re actually a girl.” “Wait – so he’s hitting on me??” “That’s not necessarily so. He may just think you’re a crap player … Continue reading Gamer Love

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